Unveiling Truths
Sewol Ferry tragedy
  • KCIJ-Newstapa exclusively obtained and analyzed the cables on the Sewol ferry disaster sent by U.S. Embassy in Seoul to Washington.
  • KCIJ-Newstapa unveiled the black box videos, which were collected from vehicles inside the salvaged Sewol ferry. The investigations vividly showed what happend at moments of sinking, quashing widespread rumors around cause of the tragedy.
MERS case
  • KCIJ-Newstapa unveiled the list of names and addresses of hospitals exposed to Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) against the government's effort to conceal such information and to serve the public’s right to know. Our expose led the government to disclose all hospital information.
Documentary film 'Criminal Conspiracy'
  • The film shed light on the issue of public broadcasters which were severely oppressed freedom of press by Lee Myungbak and Park Geun-hye governments. About 150 million won ($133,200) was collected via a crowdfunding program, and nearly 260,000 viewers watched the film within first two months of release. The film spurred public opinion on the sense of urgency to normalize the public broadcasters.
Watchdog Journalism
Offshore Leaks Project (2013), Luxembourg Leaks Project (2014), Panama Papers Project (2016)
  • After our publication in 2013, the Korean tax authority cracked down on dodged taxes and confisticated the money worth over 120 billion won ($106.56 million).
  • KCIJ-Newstapa co-received the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting for partaking in the joint investigations for the Panama Papers project.
NIS Spy Fabrication Scandal
  • NIS Director Nam Jae-joon resigned following KCIJ's investigations. President Park Geun-hye made a public apology on the misdeeds.
Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Kunhee's prostitution scandal in 2016
  • The investigations recorded 12 million views on YouTube, as it cracked down on chaebol corruption with a spirit of journalism of no sanctuary.
Documentary film 'Spy Nation'
  • The documentary film enhanced publicity on the issue of National Intelligence Service (NIS) faking spies. About 400 million won ($355,200) was collected via a crowdfunding project to support production of the film. The film drew nearly 140,000 viewers within first two months of release.
Park Geun-hye's corruption scandal
  • KCIJ-Newstapa carried out in-depth investigations on the Park Geun-hye's corruption scandal starting the end of September 2016.
Restoration of History
Pro-Japan ‘Collaboration and Oblivion’
  • The investigations tracked down on how the descendants of pro-Japanese collaborators under the Japanese colonial rule are living, and what they think about their ancestors' footsteps. The stories also suggested paths to reconcile with the past.
'Medals and Power'
  • KCIJ-Newstapa obtained and analyzed all of 720,000 conferment of decorations awarded to date, and exposed the past governments' stance of being generous to figures collaborated with the dictator regimes while neglecting those who contributed to development of democracy.